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Hi, I'm Bella.

I am a dedicated and passionate intuitive movement facilitator and brand collaborator with a wide range of experience. I obtained my 200HR RYT certification in 2018, enabling me to further develop my yoga practice and teaching skills. I earned my 300HR RYT certification and 10HR Continuing Education Units in Yin Yoga in 2020 & 2023, further developing myself and my skills as a yoga instructor. I have 2 years of experience in a yoga studio setting, where I have been known for creating a welcoming and nurturing environment. 


As owner of Little Plant Lady LLC, I have successfully organized and hosted multiple overnight wellness retreats. Furthermore, I was chosen to teach yoga at the Brand Retreat by Victoria Pippo, leading sessions at retreats in enchanting locations such as O’ahu, Hawaii and British Columbia, Canada. 


I have extensive experience teaching yoga and movement in various unique settings including private studios, gyms, and even integrating meditation in a work setting. I am skilled in providing both private in-person and online yoga sessions to accommodate individuals seeking to enhance their well-being.  My passion for helping others enhance their well-being has allowed me to expertly guide clients through intuitive movement so they can come home to their body through self-expression and self-love. 


Join me on this unique journey of self-discovery and physical well-being! I can’t wait to meet you!


Bella Griffin's Vision

Movement is the medicine. I am simply a reflection to help you remember the relationship between you and your body and intuition.


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Movement Facilitation

I am a movement facilitator and incorporate intuitive movement into my offering of yoga. I accommodate clients given their skill level and needs offering dance, womb healing, yoga and intuitive flow.


Brand Collaboration

Starting my own eco-friendly clothing business and podcast, I have grown a large social media following. With brand collaboration, I use my gifted creativity to create content to share other brands with my unique audience. I value organic, authentic expression and brand aesthetic.

Please contact me to begin the application process. 


With 7 years of experience, I pride myself on delivering exceptional results and exceeding client expectations. My adaptability allows me to effortlessly transition between different styles, ensuring that your brand message shines through.

“I had the incredible opportunity to receive a yoga session from Bella. It was the best experience I have ever had. From the music she chose, to her soothing voice and permission to just let go and be all of me, was so comforting and safe. I felt held, seen and supported. Such a beautiful experience!”

Krystle Chasse

“Bella was my yoga teacher at a very intimate brand retreat I went to in Fernie, BC. This focus of this retreat was to help me deep dive into who I was for my brand and business. So many blocks came up. I was excited but rigid. I wasn’t able to drop the conceptualization of teachings into my body…When Bella lead our yoga, I was able to drop into my body as the artist I was becoming. The way she taught felt so personal to my own mission. I felt safe, I felt held and I felt understood. She was able to instantly uncheck me out of my mind and into my body and breath.

I had a somatic release after every practice we did… this was such a needed part of my journey there. Bella assisted me with yoga before my photoshoot to help my body understand what my mind wanted. I was very grateful for Bella’s teachings, she is also a beautiful person.

I am forever grateful for her essence, and look forward to letting her guide me through many more practices in the future.”

Morgan Brittany

“Bella is a wonderful yoga instructor and all around guide for movement and spiritual work. I appreciate how delicate she encourages you to be with your body, and she teaches you how to gently be in tune and listen to what your body says. She truly made me feel comfortable and I would recommend her to anyone, no matter what stage you are in whether it is beginner or amateur yoga. Thank you for all you do!”

Stephanie M.

“I attended a women’s retreat with Bella and felt so seen and held the entire time. Bella is an exceptional yoga teacher who brings depth and intentionality to the practice. Her instruction is concise and inclusive. You can feel the passion and wisdom in her voice. I especially loved her restorative and yin sessions. I felt opened up physically and energetically. I am so grateful for Bella and her approach to yoga!”

Zoe Rowland

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